Android Software engineer based in Galway, Ireland 🇮🇪 and working for Neat 🇳🇴. Google Developer Expert for Kotlin.

Some more background

  • Working professionally as hands-on software engineer for 30+ years (and as hobby for about 6 years before that!).
  • Developing for Android since 2010 (using Kotlin for last 6 years).
  • Keenly interested in Kotlin Multiplatform and, in particular, when combined with use of Declarative UI frameworks like Jetpack Compose and SwiftUI! Have given a number of talks and written various articles on the topic over last 4 years ( Have also created a number of related samples/templates. A number of these are included in the official Kotlin KMP docs and also the Google Dev Library. A number of the other Kotlin Multiplatform samples are also referenced in the docs of the libraries that they showcase.